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export packing and loading

BTM Packers and Movers provides export packing services. Our process is designed promising the integrity of both product and its brand. High quality export packaging must be compatible with the following specifications:


Export product packaging should be long lasting, airtight and also watertight so as to perfectly protect the product.

Custom-made solutions

Export product packaging must be as individual as the product itself and completely match the products persistence, dimensions and sizes and means of conveyance (loose, sea container or break bulk). Examples of standard export product packaging are: heavy or light-duty wooden crates, single and double-layer wooden skids, boxes and corrugated cardboard sheets, industrial shrink-wrap and bubble-wrap, aluminum foil and polyethylene.

Handling, Transport and Storage

Export product packaging should consider how the product is taken care of and stored throughout transit, exactly what conditions it will travel in and where it is eventually headed. It should help the ease of handling the product and also cater for multi modal transport (by rail, sea, air and road) and also variations in static i.e. infrastructure and climatic conditions (temperature & humidity).


Well designed export product packaging is as light-weight and occupies as little space as possible. Make use of very best available raw material in order to simultaneously reduce shipping costs and increase protection and safe handling.

Container Loading

Loading a storage container, freight truck or a trailer is the hardest part of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) moving process. It is important for you to have and experienced moving help hand available to correctly load your items, prevent damage during the transit and to maximize your available space.

Lacking enough available space will certainly create a number of additional problems and should be turned aside, especially when you had sufficient space but could not make all of the goods fit due to improper loading.

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